Saturday, August 05, 2006

Vertical Jump Training

Hey ,
Today's newsletter is about POWER,
why you need to understand it,
and learn to develop it to increase
your top speed and vertical jump.
What is Power?
Power = Strength x Speed

Most Athletes move their limbs at about
the same speed, BUT what makes one person
faster than another is not only their
speed but their strength and the amount
of force they can push into the ground
to not only run faster but jump higher.
If you play a fast pace sport like basketball you are
most likely getting all the speed training
you need, because you can't really train for
speed in the gym.
Also speed is something that some are more
naturally faster than others due to genetics
and the amount of fast twitch muscle they have.
Strength is the part of the power equation
that most every athlete can increase which
will make you more powerful, faster, and more
For example:
If there are 3 athletes A&B&C, around the
same weight 160lbs-165lbs and height 5'11"
and about the same average natural genetics,
who play full court basketball.
Athlete A - can squat 195lbs x 5 = 32" VJ
Athlete B - can squat 325lbs x 5 = 36" VJ
Athlete C - can squat 410lbs x 5 = 40"+VJ
The greater your 1RM (one-rep MAX) the more weight you
will be able to lift in starting accelerating exercises,
like the power clean, jump squats, box squats, which is
about 40%-60% of your 1RM.
So if you do the math, you will see why Athlete C will be
able to jump the highest, because of his/her strength and
That's all for now.
If you want to learn all the most effective
exercises to gain strength and speed,
to develop the power to slam dunk.
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